Trio Katia Marina Mark

Musical performances, Family events, Birthday celebrations

Musical performances,
Family events,
Birthday celebrations

About Trio Katia Marina Mark

Trio Katia Marina Mark

We are two singers with distinguished and beautiful operatic voices and are accompanied by a pianist.
We create a special and magical atmosphere at a concert or family events. Our program is rich and varied and includes light and well-known classical pieces, operetta pieces and popular songs in different languages including Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hebrew.
As an option, our performances can be provided in Romanian, English and Ukrainian.
We can arrange an evening of listening to music or dancing.
When the event is over, you will be left with pleasant memories for a long time.
We recommend our events as an excellent and original gift for your family members.

About the singers

We met in Israel – Katia and Marina studied voice development and Mark was the accompanist in the lessons, over time when we started performing – it was natural that we continued in the same lineup. Marina studied at the Institute of Film Professions in Russia, Katia studied at the Academy of Music in Ukraine, we met here when we started studying voice development – the love for music connected us. Luckily for us, the tone of our voices complements each other, that's why our duets sound as varied and rich as an orchestra. Mark graduated from a music academy with honors as a brass band conductor and has 20 years of experience as a player in community centers and clubs for older people, therefore he has a rich repertoire and extensive experience in the field.

Areas of expertise

Performances adapted to different tastes in music – from classical music, opera, operetta to popular and beloved songs in different languages and from all times.

Host an event at the client's house according to the preferences of the person ordering the event, the event can be done in the form of a concert or as a dance evening, it is also possible to combine.
The possibility of having an original and unforgettable celebration, both as a concert and as a dance evening.

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